by Christopher Seck

How to Beat a Grandmaster
Secrets Every Amateur Should Know About Playing the Pros

This book was written by Christopher Seck Mun-Yin, my former chess student in Singapore 2001-2003, and published in 2009.

2003: "Christopher Seck from 2AH was the captain of the championship school chess team (Anglo-Chinese Junior College) and an MOE humanities scholar. At Stanford University, he earned the Phi Beta Kappa (Honour society for top 10% GPA), and departmental honours and distinction in Economics. He will be reading Law at Harvard graduate school."

2009-2010: "Scholarship Winner: Palo Alto, Calif., attends Stanford University and is an economics major. He is a columnist and editor for The Stanford Review, the school's conservative student publication. He has been an economics tutor in Singapore, a research assistant at National University of Singapore Law School, and was an intern in Singapore's Lee Kwan Yew School of Public policy. He has contributed to initiatives of the Stanford project for U.S.-China Dialogue. The president of the Stanford Chess Club, his book about chess was slated for publication in 2009."

"Unlike sports like football or basketball, chess is one of those rare games where amateurs can hope to beat professional players. Since each player only has his brain to guide him and there is plenty of room in chess for creative guessing, it is possible that an amateur can occasionally beat a Grand Master in chess. The typical Grand Master plays chess for a living and can thus afford to practice for dozens of hours each week. In contrast, the typical amateur usually plays chess recreationally for only a few hours each week. This book shares some practical tips that allow chess players, with some effort and investment on their part, to maximize their chances against Grand Masters. The rationale behind this book is that although not every amateur may become a Grand Master, every amateur can hope to occasionally play a good game against a Grand Master."

Date: May 31, 2008
Hi Jovan!
How have you been?
Well, thanks for reading my book... It's a small project I did over the past few summers.
Anyway, I hope we can catch up sometime in the future. You were the best chess coach I ever had!

China's Foreign Exchange Reserves: Balancing Consumption with Investments in Treasury Bonds and Sovereign Funds (pdf)
by Christopher Seck (Stanford University Department of Economics Honors Thesis June 2009 52p)

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