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The Chess Organizer's Handbook by Stewart Reuben

This third edition, while retaining a compact size, features increased legibility. As well as updated comprehensive and practical information on all aspects of running tournaments, it contains the new FIDE (World Chess Federation) Official Laws of Chess. These Laws were revised at the Chess Olympiad in Calvia, with changes taking effect from July 2005.

For me and many arbiters, Stewart Reuben's book is our bible." Casto Abundo, Rating Administrator, Elista FIDE Office.

Commentary on the Laws of Chess by Mihajlo Savic

Second edition in English language (about 300 pages, size A5 with comments and many practical examples). Extra appendix:
FIDE Title Regulations and FIDE Rating Regulations (new amended version from 2009).

Judit Polgar The Princess of Chess by Tibor Karolyi

The chess world acknowledges that Judit Polgar is unique. She is a woman who competes on equal terms with the world's best men, defeating even the world number one Garry Kasparov. In this book, IM Tibor Karolyi analyses in depth a large selection of Judit's exciting games (89 deeply annotated games) taken from all stages of her career and filled to the brim with neat tactics and attacks on the king.

Yearbook 77 by The NIC Editorial team

Forum(with contributions by Ian Rogers, Dorian Rogozenko, Tibor Karolyi, Geert van der Stricht and many others), Sosonko's corner(in this column, Genna Sosonko takes a look at yet another provocative theme in the opening: the delayed advance of a pawn...), Book Review(non-theory openings are rapidly becoming theory...), 32 NIC Surveys...

A Complete Guide to the Grivas Sicilian by Efstratios Grivas

download Introduction (in zipped Word format) by Grandmaster Grivas

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