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former World Chess Champion grandmaster Robert James Fischer

I have had a chess dream come true, meeting live with Bobby Fischer at the Revenge Match of the Century, in Sveti Stefan/Beograd 1992!!

I was introduced to Fischer by grandmaster Svetozar Gligoric, who had previously recommended me to the legendary late champion as his Chief Computer Assistant for the match!

Fischer signed three of my books on him, one of which, "My 60 Memorable Games", was my first chess book to read, after winning it at the Manhattan Chess Club (New York City, USA) junior tournament in 1978.

I was introduced to the prestigious Chess Club in the "Big Apple", where I had lived as a boy, from 1973-1977, by none other than the legendary - Edward Lasker, a family friend of my mother Verica.

Bobby Fischer - personal homepage in Japan http://home.att.ne.jp/moon/fischer
Bobby Fischer - the unofficial home page http://www.bobby-fischer.net
Bobby Fischer (Johnny)
Bobby Fischer (Peter Pasho) http://www.bobbyfischer.com
Bobby Fischer (Bobby Ang)
Fischer-Spassky 1972
A Rook-House for Bobby Fischer http://users.tpg.com.au/adsl4kje
Barnet Chess Club http://www.chessclub.demon.co.uk/culture/worldchampions/fischer/robert_j_fischer.htm
Fischer Live Radio interviews! Warning: Click at your own risk! 2002: 1 2
Robert Fisher (Wikipedia) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Fischer

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FIDE (Féderation Internationale des Échecs - World Chess Federation) http://www.fide.com

FIDE Comissions & Committees http://www.fide.com/info/directory/committees

FIDE President
General Secretariat
Lausanne Office
Singapore Office
Elista Office
Honorary Members
Presidential Board
Commercial Director
CEO - Development
Marketing and PR Director
Executive Board (EB)
Zone Presidents
Qualification Commission (QC)
Titles and Ratings Committee
Arbiters' Council
Technical Commission
Rules and Tournament Regulations Committee
Swiss Pairings Committee
World Championship Committee
Chess Events Commission
Youth and Junior Events Committee
Organizers Committee
Development Commission
Chess Assistance (CACDEC)
Committee on Chess in Schools
Committee for Disabled
Intellectual Property Rights Committee
Committee on Women's Chess
Committee on International Organizations
Trainers' Committee
Special Commission
Committee on Chess Art, Exhibition and Philately
Permanent Commission for Chess Compositions
Computer & Internet Chess Committee
Chess Information (CHIPS)
GM Steering Committee
Verification Commission (VC)
Ethics Commission (EC)
Permanent Fund
Medical Commission
Constitutional Committee
Technical Administration Panel

FIDE Affiliated International Organizations

International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF)
International Braille Chess Association (IBCA)
International Committee of Silent Chess (ICSC)
International Computer Games Association (ICGA)
International Physically Disabled Chess Association (IPCA)
Arab Chess Federation (ACF)
Asian Chess Federation
European Chess Union (ECU)
Confederation of Chess for Americas (CCA)
Commonwealth Chess Association
African Chess Union (ACU)
ASEAN Chess Confederation
ASEAN Chess Academy
Chess Association of Black Sea Countries
Mediterranean Chess Association
International School Chess Union
Small Nations Chess Association
Iberoamerican Chess Federation (FIBDA)
Balkan Chess Federation (BALC)

FIDE Trainer/Instructors database

Chess games

ChessGames.com http://www.chessgames.com/player/jovan_petronic.html
GameColony http://www.chesslab.com/PositionSearch.html

Chess Forums, Blogs & Discussion Boards

About Chess http://chess.about.com/mpboards.htm
Australian Chess Forum http://cs.anu.edu.au/~Shaun.Press/acforum.html
Avler Chess http://www.avlerchess.com/chess-analysis
Bill Wall http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Lab/7378/blog.htm
BookUp support http://bookupsupport.com/forum
Chess Again http://chessagain.blogspot.com
Chess Commander http://www.chesscommander.com/phpBB2
Chess Informant http://www.sahovski.com/forum/index.php
Chess in Chicago http://www.chessinchicago.org/forum
Chess is Fun http://www.queensac.com/chessblogintro.html
Chess ISP http://www.chessisp.com/forum
Chess message boards http://www.talkchess.com
Chess news and events by Goran Urosevic http://chesslodge.blogspot.com
Coach Leopold http://amchesscoaching.com/my_chess_blog.htm
Chess Publishing http://altmax.com/cgi-local/cpf/YaBB.cgi
Chess Problem Discussion Board http://www.rebnora.com/discussion
Chess Theory Forum links
Chess Thinkers Forum Charter http://www.talkchess.com/ctf_charter.html
Chess Today http://www.chesstoday.net/discussion
ChessLib http://www.chesslib.no/fhome.asp
Dejan Bojkov http://www.trainersnotebook.blogspot.com
E-skakklubben http://eskak.dk/BB
FIDE http://forum.fide.com
FIDE Chess in Chicago http://www.fidechessinchicago.blogspot.com
Fischer-Spassky email chess http://www.godstick.com/cgi-bin/chessforum/index.cgi
GameKnot http://gameknot.com/fcgi/chess
Garry Kasparov http://www.chesschamps.com/forum
IM Orlov and WGM Donaldson Chess Academy http://www.chessplayer.com/chessacademy.php
GilaChess Web Logs http://gilachess.blogspot.com
Google Chess Forum
iGame.ru http://igame.ru/forum/chess.htm
Isolani's blog http://www.nmchess.org/blog/isolani.html
Little Golem http://www.littlegolem.net/jsp/forum/forum.jsp?forum=10
MAC chess downloads http://www.atpm.com/7.02/chess.shtml
MFO Chess Discussion http://www.mrfixitonline.com/getPostings.asp?ForumId=618
GM Magnus Carlsen http://blog.magnuschess.com
NW Chess Center http://pub16.bravenet.com/forum/1316140942
FT, FM & FA Peter Long - on chess http://www.thefidetrainer.blogspot.com
FT, FM & FA Peter Long - Trainer's Notebook http://www.trainersnotebook.blogspot.com  
Rio Grande Valley http://www.rgvtxchess.org/e107_plugins/forum/forum.php
Romania Chess http://forum.rochess.org
Rook House http://www.rookhouse.com/forum
Slugfest Chess http://www.slugfest.org
Susan Polgar Chess Blog http://susanpolgar.blogspot.com
Susan Polgar Blog for Girls http://polgargirls.blogspot.com
The Chess Exchange http://www.chessexchange.com/forum
The Chess Mind http://chessmind.powerblogs.com
The Daily Dirt http://www.chessninja.com/dailydirt
The Ninja boards http://www.chessninja.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi
Topix.net Chess Forum http://www.topix.net/forum/games/chess
US Chess http://www.uschess.org/forums
USCF Correspondence http://www.uschess.org/cc/forum.html
Yahoo Chess Forum

Enter any forum or blog, moderated or not, "at your own risk".

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Chess Academies worldwide

American Chess University http://www.americanchessuniversity.com
Anatoly Karpov Chess Academy Toronto, Canada http://www.karpovchess.ca
Andrew Martin Chess Academy http://www.andrewmartinchessacademy.com
Amity Chess Academy India http://amitychessacademy.com
ASEAN Chess Academy Singapore http://www.intchessasia.com
ASEAN Chess Academy Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia http://www.intchess.com
Botvinnik Chess Academy http://www.chessindiamart.com/Chess_Coaching_BCA.htm
Botwinnik Chess Academy
Braingames Chess Academy India http://chessindelhi.com
Brooklyn Chess Academy http://brooklynchess.com
Chennai Chess Academy http://www.chathurangam.com/organisations/ccan.asp
Chess Academy Bangalore, India http://www.bangalorechess.com
Chess Academy of Armenia http://www.chessacademy.am
Chess Academy of Canada http://www3.sympatico.ca/chessacademycanada
Chess Trainer http://www.chesstrainer.com
Chess University Washington DC, USA
chessKIDS Academy http://www.chesskids.com 
Chessdom Chess Academy http://lessons.chessdom.com/chessdom-chess-academy
Convekta Chess University http://www.convekta.com/chuniversity.asp
Dean of Chess Academy http://www.deanofchess.com
Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy
Ehlvest Chess Gates http://www.ehlvestchessgates.com
FIDE Trainers Academy Berlin, Germany http://www.fide-trainer-academy.com
Global Chess Academy Singapore http://www.globalchessacademy.com
GM Boris Alterman Chess Lessons http://chesslessons.wordpress.com
Grandmasters Chess Academy http://www.chessaid.com
Gulko Chess Academy http://smart-school.com/chess.php
Hanley Chess Academy http://hanleychessacademy.org
Indian Chess School India http://www.indianchessschool.com  
Chess Academy of the Republic of Kalmykia Elista, Kalmykia
International Chess Academy NJ, USA http://www.icanj.net
International Chess Academy Miami, USA http://www.miamichess.com
International Chess University http://www.ichessu.com
International Chess Academy Belgrade, Serbia http://www.scgchess.org
Internet Chess Academy http://www.totalchess.com
IWICA Chess Academy Thailand
Karpov Chess Academy Germany http://www.schachakademie-hockenheim.de
Knight Of Chess Academy http://knightofchess.com
Kreiman Chess Academy http://kreimanchess.com
Malaysian Chess Academy http://malaysianchess.blogspot.com
Midwest Chess Academy http://www.midwestchess.com
New Zealand Chess Academy http://www.newzealandchess.co.nz/academy.html
South Mumbai Chess Academy India http://www.smchessacademy.com
Sunshine Chess Academy http://www.homeschoolclasses.com/chess_home.htm  
Polgar Chess Center http://polgarchessclub.blogspot.com
Taleigao Chess Academy http://www.goachess.info
The Chess Academy http://www.thechessacademy.org
The Chess Drum's Chess Academy http://www.thechessdrum.net/chessacademy
Vaja International Chess Academy LLC Milwaukee WI, USA http://www.vajachess.com
Wisconsin Chess Academy http://www.wichessacademy.com
World Chess Academy http://www.worldchessacademy.org

Yury Shulman International Chess School http://www.shulmanchess.com

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Chess Affiliate Programs

The Chess House http://www.chesshouse.com/chess_house_affiliates_a/123.htm
Cajun Chess http://www.cajunchess.com/affiliates/aff-signup.htm
Chess Central http://www.chesscentral.com/affiliate1.htm
Chess Mix http://affiliate.chessmix.com
CorrespondenceChess.com http://www.correspondencechess.com/affiliate.htm
US Chess Federation http://www.uschess.org/activitymeans.php
ChessSets.com http://www.chesssets.com/affiliate_program.cfm
WholeSale Chess
Chess Today http://www.chesstoday.net/affiliate.html
The Chess Piece http://www.thechesspiece.com/affiliate.asp
Lokasoft http://www.lokasoft.nl/affiliates.htm

ChessBase (links I stumbled on, while surfing the net)

ChessBase birthday calendar
ChessBase World
ChessBase online database
ChessBase player database

ChessBase archives 1996
ChessBase archives 1997
ChessBase archives 1998
ChessBase archives 1999
ChessBase archives 2000

Chess Web Templates

Chess ISP http://www.ChessISP.com
Biz-Plates http://www.biz-plates.com/store/catalog/Sport__Hobby_Chess_page_1_c_270.html

Chess Webmaster's Tools

Chess Webmaster Tools http://www.correspondencechess.com/webmaster
SiteOwner.com http://www.siteowner.com/system/sifree.cfm
BraveNet Mini Tools http://resources.bravenet.com/minitools
Retrieve emails http://willmaster.com/possibilities/demo/RetrieveEmails.cgi
Altavista translation http://babelfish.altavista.com


Brunei Chess Federation http://www.bruneichess.org.bn
Brunei Chess http://www.bruneichess.com


Golden Knights Chess Club http://www.64funsolutions.ca/modules/news
Silver Pawn (
Chess Combinations, Tactics, Studies and Endgames Database) http://www.SilverPawn.com


Chinese Chess Association http://chess.sport.org.cn
Torch Real Estate Cup China Chess League Division A http://ccl.sports.cn


Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei Chess

Lovac na Damu http://sah.posluh.hr
Croatia Chess Federation http://www.crochess.com
Makarska 1997 http://public.srce.hr/~ibatinic/sah.html
Novi List http://www.novilist.hr
Slobodna Dalmacija http://www.slobodnadalmacija.com
Eduard Piacun http://sah.posluh.hr/epiacun
Glas Istre http://www.glasistre.hr

Czech Republic

Karel Mokry Chess Bookshop http://www.chessbookshop.com


The Chess Oracle http://www.thechessoracle.com


Chess Portal "Diagonal" http://www.euruchess.org


Chess Tactics Server http://www.chess.emrald.net
Chessbase Technical Support FAQ http://www.chesscafe.com/chessbasefaq


GreekBase by Delavekouras Sotiris
Kavala Chess Club http://www.chesskavala.gr ,http://www.chesskavala.com
Greece Chess Federation http://www.chessfed.gr
WGM Yelena Dembo http://www.yelenadembo.com

Chess Club on Thasos Island http://kastro.go4sun.gr/skaki.htm


Caissa Kecskemet (Dr.Tamas Erdelyi) http://www.caissachessbooks.com
First Saturday Chess Tournaments in Budapest, Hungary http://www.firstsaturday.hu


All India Chess Federation http://www.indianchessfed.org
FI Praful Zaveri http://www.indianchessschool.com


Indonesian Chess Site http://www.indochess.com


Gambit Chess (download DB Books, player's dossier, play email games) www.gambitchess.com
37th Chess Olympiad Turin 20.5-4.6.2006 http://www.chessolympiad-torino2006.org/eng/index.php


World Chess Championship match V.Topalov-V.Kramnik, Elista 2006 http://www.worldchess2006.com


Macedonian Chess Website http://www.chess.com.mk


Malaysia Chess Federation http://tcn.sourceforge.net ,
Penang Chess Association http://www.pca.bayanbaru.com
Just another chess website http://www.geocities.com/delirium_0201
Chess Association of Selangor http://www.cas.com.kg
Zugzwang Chess http://www.zugzwangchess.com
Gila Chess http://www.gilachess.com
Chess-Malaysia http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chess-malaysia
SS Quah's Treasure Trove http://ssquah.50megs.com
Quah Seng Sun's Penang http://chesscolumn.20m.com
Wah Seong Penang IM 2000 http://www.geocities.com/pg-chess/WahSeong2000
Asian Cities team ch. 1998 http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Stadium/6485
Malaysia Star online http://www.thestar.com.my
Epoly Chess Academy
FM Mok Tze Meng's chess website http://mok.gilachess.com
IM Jimmy Liew http://www.rainswater.com/chess


New In Chess http://www.newinchess.com
Wim Arns http://www.vwa.nl
Edwin Meyer http://www.geocities.com/meyer_edwin
Shaaklinks http://www.schaaklinks.jouwpagina.nl
Diverse Shaaklinks http://schaaklinks.jouwpagina.nl/rubrieken/diverse-schaaklinks.html


Romanian Chess (Marius Ceteras) http://www.romanianchess.org
Chess Romania http://www.chess-romania.ro
Learning Chess Area http://www.chessarea.com
FIDE Trainer Olimpiu G. Urcan http://www.chessbiography.com


64-Chess Review http://www.64.ru
GM Alexandra Kosteniuk http://www.kosteniuk.com
GM Anatoly Karpov http://www.karpov.ru
Chess Tactics Training
Convekta http://www.chessok.com
Chess in Siberia http://ww.chessib.com
GM Chess http://www.gmchess.com
GM Garry Kasparov http://www.chesschamps.com
Russian Chess http://www.ruschess.com [
Russian chess is the chess site devoted to the main chess events since 1998, chess games, chess analysis, chess education and has a 2000+ item store.]
Satyricon http://satyricon20.tripod.com
World Chess Rating http://www.worldchessrating.com

Serbia / Montenegro

WIM Sanja Petronic
FST.IM Jovan Petronic http://www.jovanpetronic.com, http://www.geocities.com/jovanpetronic 
WGM.IM Dr. Alisa Maric http://www.alisamaric.com
Andrew chess page
Backa Palanka open III 2002 http://solair.eunet.yu/~kingns
Belgrade Chess Federation
Belgrade gambit & other nightmares
Bilten Drustva Problemista
Chess Federation of Central Serbia
Chess Informant
http://www.sahovski.com , http://www.sahovski.co.yu 
CHESS-PRESS http://www.chess-press.hu
GM Dejan Antic
Dusan Stamenkovic
European Youth Chess Championships 2003
European Youth Team Chess Championships 2004
EX-YU Chess
Goran Tomic chess school
1 2 3 4
Milan Zivkovic - Montenegro chess
Moderni Sah! (IM Milos Jovicic) http://www.jovanpetronic.com/modernisah

Mat Plus http://www.matplus.org.yu
Montenegro Chess Federation 
Nenad Peric
Novosadski Sah Klub
Paracin 1998
Perpetual Check (Vladica Andrejic) http://www.perpetualcheck.com
Rados Bakis fan club
Valjevo 2000
Serbia Chess Federation http://www.serbiachess.net
Sozina 2004
Sah Klub Spartak
SCG Chess Federation
Schach http://www.serbien-montenegro.de/html/schach.html
Subozan http://www.subozan.co.yu
Sah.Vrsac.com http://sah.vrsac.com 
Vojvodina chess
YUBASE http://user.tninet.se/~rhl458j/yubase 
FM Petar Djuric http://tesla.rcub.bg.ac.yu/~djpetar
FM Sre
cko Tosic http://www.ptt.yu/korisnici/s/i/simion
FM/IA/IO Mihajlo Savic
IM Petar Benkovic http://www.geocities.com/benko_chess
GM Ljubomir Ljubojevic fan
GM Svetozar Gligoric fan
GM Sinisa Drazic
GM Dragan Solak

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Intchess Asia Pte Ltd http://www.intchessasia.com
Intchess Asia Pte Ltd message board
Singapore Chess Federation http://www.singaporechess.org.sg
Singapore National Junior Squad http://www.geocities.com/juniornationalsquad
ASEAN Chess Academy http://www.aseanchess.com
BoardLink http://www.boardlink.bz
Chia Chee Seng website III http://chiacs.topcities.com
Andrew Choy
Gerald Chan http://www.geocities.com/ximenchan/geraldchan.html
IM Goh Weiming http://kgwm.multiply.com
Nathanael Ong http://www.geocities.com/natong1989

The Chess People
Schools Internet Carnival 2002
Chess United http://www.teqnik.net/chessunited
Cairnhill Chess Club
Raffles Girls' Secondary Chess Club http://www.rgs.edu.sg/student/cca/chess

Singapore chess mailing list
Cut of Ultimate Brilliance
Chess in Singapore
Swiss Chess Club
GYTICC http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Midfield/7354/local_99.htm

Raffles Institution Chess Club
Anglo Chinese School (Independent) Chess Club
St. Stephens' School Chess Club
Temasek Secondary School Chess Club
CHIJ (Primary) Toa Payoh Chess Club
CHIJ (Primary) vs CHIJ OLGC
Christopher Seck http://www.howtobeatagm.com
Luke Leong http://thinkingsoldier.blogspot.com
Matthew Peter Chin http://lockedandloadedeveryday.blogspot.com
Northland Primary School Chess Club
St. Joseph's Institution Chess Club http://www.sji.moe.edu.sg

Tanjong Katong Secondary School http://www.moe.edu.sg/schools/tk/chess.html
St. Andrew's School
Powerchess Asia http://powerchessasia.netfirms.com , http://powerchess.org
Bedok Town Primary School Chess Club  http://www.moe.edu.sg/schools/btps/cap.htm
Anglo Chinese School http://silent_sufferer.blogspot.com

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CERN Chess Club (Round Robin Pairings) http://chess.cern.ch/tournaments/robin.en.shtml


Ruslan Ponomariov http://www.ponomariov.com
Ukranian Chess Online
Chess in Ukraine (Kiev)


The American Chess Coaching Company
CORRESPONDENCECHESS.COM http://www.correspondencechess.com
Svetozar Jovanovic http://www.uschess.org/scholastic/coach_9711.html,
IM Rade Milovanovic http://www.radechess.com
GM Susan Polgar http://susanpolgar.com
Manhattan Chess Club http://www.manhattanchessclub.com
NY Chess Kids (IM Saudin Robovic) http://www.nychesskids.com
Chess in Chicago http://www.chessinchicago.org
Renaissance Knights Community Chess Club http://www.rknights.org
Michael J. Geller http://www.rci.rutgers.edu/~goeller
California Chess History http://www.chessdryad.com/articles
USCF Petition: Blockade Chess Cheaters http://www.seniorchess.zoomshare.com
StrateGems Chess Problem Magazine http://www.strategems.org
WGM Anna Gershnik http://www.explorechess.com
UTB@TSC Chess Team http://blue.utb.edu/sa/chess
Rio Grande Valley Chess Website http://www.rgvtxchess.org
Susan Polgar South Texas Chess Center http://www.susanpolgartexas.org
William T. Harvey http://www.wtharvey.com/petj.html
Chess Openings software by Bookup Corp.
North American Chess Association http://www.nachess.org


Vietnam Chess Federation http://www.vietnamchess.com

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Chess Federations Worldwide Online


  1. Afganistan
  2. Australia http://www.auschess.org.au
  3. Bahrain
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Bhutan
  6. Brunei Darusallam http://www.bruneichess.org.bn
  7. Cambodia
  8. China http://chess.sport.org.cn
  9. Chinese Taipei
  10. Fiji http://www.fijichess.com
  11. Hong Kong http://www.hkchess.org
  12. India http://www.indianchessfed.org
  13. Indonesia http://www.indochess.com
  14. Iran http://www.iranchess.ir
  15. Iraq
  16. Japan http://www.jca-chess.com
  17. Jordan
  18. Kazakhstan
  19. Kuwait http://kuwaitchess.net
  20. Kyrgyzstan
  21. Laos
  22. Lebanon http://www.lebchess.org
  23. Macau
  24. Malaysia http://malaysiachess.com
  25. Maldives
  26. Mongolia http://www.mongolchess.com
  27. Myanmar http://www.myachess.blogspot.com
  28. Nepal
  29. New Zealand http://www.newzealandchess.co.nz
  30. Pakistan http://www.pakistanshutranj.com
  31. Palau
  32. Palestine
  33. Papua New Guinea http://www.auschess.org.au/oceania/png
  34. Philippines http://www.ncfphilippines.org
  35. Qatar http://www.qatarchess.com
  36. Singapore http://www.singaporechess.org.sg
  37. Solomon Islands
  38. South Korea http://www.kchess.or.kr
  39. Sri Lanka http://www.lankachess.com
  40. Syria
  41. Tajikistan
  42. Thailand http://www.thailandchess.or.th
  43. Turkmenistan
  44. United Arab Emirates http://www.uaechess.net
  45. Uzbekistan http://uzchess.uz
  46. Vietnam http://www.vietnamchess.com.vn
  47. Yemen

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I don't understand Geurt Gijssen's reasoning

Chess Academies in Singapore:

1. Intchess Asia Pte Ltd
2. ASEAN Chess Academy Pte Ltd
3. Chess Academy (Singapore) Pte Ltd
4. MasterMove Chess Academy Pte Ltd
5. PowerChess
6. RoyalChess
7. ChessKidz LLP
8. The Chess School
9. Checkmate
10. Learn Chess Academy