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15 Feb 13
Today is the 15th anniversary since the departure of my late father
Miloš Petronić (1921-1998),
renowned FIDE International Chess Arbiter & Yugoslavia National Chess Master.
May he rest in peace.


4 Jan 13

Profiled by Olimpiu G. Urcan

31 Dec 12

My employment 1 Dec 09 - 31 Dec 12
with the Singapore Chess Federation
has upon mutual agreement ended.
It has been my honour serving the SCF as Technical Director.

2 May 07 - 30 Dec 12

It has been a hectic 5.5 years in Singapore
and without free time for updating my personal website.

1 May 07

FIDE Global Training Headquarters has been established in Singapore!
I have been invited to join the team!

13 Sep 06

A new International Chess Academy has emerged!
I have been invited to join the team!

9 Sep 06

Six of my students qualified for the European Youth Chess Championships 2006!

11 Jul 06

The Kavala Chess Club, which I captained & trained, has won the 35th Greece team Vice-Champion 2006 title!

1 Jul 06

My students Maria Kelidou, Halabos Skoulakis & Antonis Pavlidis have won the Greece GU10, BU12 & BU14 national championships!

2 May 06

My students Antonis Pavlidis and Maria Manelidou became Vice-Champions of the World in BU13 and GU15 at the 2nd World Schools Championships!

31 Mar 06

Open Internet Chess Blitz Cup 2006!

3 Mar 06

Chess Informant celebrates 40 years! Happy birthday!

"Playing at tournaments with the leading Soviet chess players I realized that one of the reasons for their absolute supremacy in the world was that they had better information. The powerful Soviet Chess Federation provided them with all the necessary information. What and how their opponents played, what they did or what they did not know, these were no secrets for them. Such conditions were unequal for the rest of us. Thus, something had to be done! The most valuable from all the important competitions in the world had to be selected, systematized and made accessible to chess players. That was how it all started. Chess Informant was to be born in 1966." Grandmaster A.Matanovic

1 Feb 06

I have opened a Forum! Welcome!

18 Jan 06

My student Antonis Pavlidis (reigning national BU12 champion) has been voted  JUNIOR OF THE YEAR 2005 in Greece (BU08-U20)!

1 Jan 06

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

15 Dec 05

Alexandra Kosteniuk & Santa Claus visit the Kavala Chess Club!

14 Dec 05

Convekta Ltd has opened My Online Web Chess Store!

Chess software
Books and chess art
Chess Equipment
Chess Clocks

Click here to visit my secure online web chess store!

28 Nov 05
I have started reviewing chess software products!

Chess Software Reviews by IM.FST. Jovan Petronic


I have been awarded the highest FIDE Chess Trainers' title:
FIDE Senior Trainer! Check out my FIDE diploma!

3 Jan 05

My son Djordje Petronic was born in Kavala, Greece!

Djordje PETRONIC - click here to view my photo gallery!

I climbed the Great Wall of China!


There is no substitute! Listen to the bombs falling on my home town in 1999...
I survived the bombing of Beograd in 1999!

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