Check out a few of my professional references & recommendation letters 1991-2006!
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International Master FIDE diploma
Yugoslavia Chess Federation recommendation letter page 1
Yugoslavia Chess Federation recommendation letter page 2
Intchess Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore) recommendation letter
Training Seminar for Chess Coaches in Asia Certificate
Singapore Chess Federation recommendation letter
                 7. Greece Chess Federation Federal Trainer appointment letter
                 8. FIDE Senior Trainer diploma

More references:

Technical Director, Global Chess Academy

International master of chess

FIDE Senior Trainer (since 25.8.2005)

Professional Chess Trainer, Player & Coach
winner of 1 grandmaster norm

of the FIDE Computer Chess Committee 1998-2002

, FIDE Computer & Internet Chess Committee 2002-2010

Director of Yugoslavia Chess Federation Computer Center 1992-2001

Yugoslavia national coach 1992-2001:

Debrecen (Hungary) European team championship 1992.
Manilla (Phillipines) 30th Olympiad 1992.
Moscow (Russia) 31st Olympiad 1994.
Ellista (Kalmykia,Russia) 33rd Olympiad 1998.
Istanbul (Turkey) 34th Olympiad 2000.

Singapore national captain & coach 2002-2003:

Bled (Slovenia) 35th Olympiad 2002.
1 2 3
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) FIDE Zonal 3.2a
Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
22nd SEA games 2003.

Intchess Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore) trainer 27.I 2001 - 31.XII 2003.
National Junior Squad
trainer 2001/2003.

ASEAN Chess Academy consultant 2004-2006

Kavala Chess Club (Greece) Technical Advisor 20.I 2004 - 20.I 2007

Greece Chess Federation Youth Committee member & Trainer 2005-2007

Yugoslavia national junior coach:

Poland 1990 European championship (girls U20)
Bratislava (Czecho-Slovakia) 1991 World Youth championships
Szeged (Hungary) 1993 World Youth championships
Cannes (France) 1997 World Youth championship
Zagan (Poland) 13-28.7.1997 World Youth championships
Callicut (India) 1998 World Youth championships

Singapore national junior coach:

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) 2001.
2nd ASEAN age group championships preparations
Singapore 2002.
3rd ASEAN age group championships
Brunei 19-26. XII 2003. 4th ASEAN age group championships 1 2
Kallithea, Halkidiki (Greece) 22.X-3.XI 2003 World Youth championships

Yugoslavia women's national trainer:

Batumi (Georgia) 1999 European team championship (w) preparations

Kavala Chess Club:

Kalithea, Halkidiki (Greece) Greece School Championships 3-6.IV 2004
Aghia Pelagia, Crete (Greece) Greece Youth Championships 26.6-2.7.2004
Aghia Pelagia, Crete (Greece) 33rd GRE team ch. 4-11.7.2004
13th Kavala Open 2004
Heraklio, Crete (Greece) World Youth Chess Championships 3-14.11.2004

33rd Greece Team Championship 2004: 2nd place & Vide-Champion (as Captain & Trainer)
34th Greece Team Championship 2005: 1st place & Champion (as Captain & Trainer)
35th Greece Team Championship 2006: 2nd place & Vide-Champion (as Captain & Trainer)

Some of my other references:

CC "BEKO" - YUG team champion 2000
ChessBase player encyclopedia
Elo statistics
Paks 1996 GM tournament 1st place
Manhattan Chess Club (New York City, USA) member 1973-1977.
ICC (JovanICC)

Yugoslavia 1st League team champion 1981, 1995,
Yugoslavia Cup team champion 1995

I represented Yugoslavia in the International matches:
1/1 in the match Ukraine-Serbia
1.5/2 in the match South Africa-Yugoslavia
1.5/2 vs.
Zhang Zhong in the match Belgrade-Beijing
0.5/1 CC "Partizan" European Club Cup, Latvia

Singapore team champion 2001

MECCA Chess Encyclopedia

I met
Robert James Fischer in Belgrade, 1992! (he signed for me three of his books!?)

In my ongoing professional chess training career I have had the honour to train hundreds of students from many countries around the globe, school chess clubs, juniors (boys & girls), masters, international masters, grandmasters, National Junior & Senior Champions, World Junior Champions, Olympic (men & women) national teams of Yugoslavia & Singapore, etc...

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