How to start to understand and properly evaluate Chess success and Chess tournament performance (standard chess, rapid chess, blitz chess)?

Encouraging and supporting children to practice and play sports (and chess) is one of the best ways to help them develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
For the youngest and novice to chess, don't take that support too far by emphasizing winning rather than developing skills and enjoying themselves.
The line between encouraging children and pushing them beyond their current abilities can be easy to cross.
Youth sports advisers occasionally need to be reminded of some basic "do's and don'ts" to help children become happy, healthy and confident young athletes.
For young chess players to develop via chess a new sportive lifestyle takes time, and the parent's goals, your child's goals, and the personal trainer's goals need to be realistic and modest.

Basic elements of tournament play for further analysis:

1. Final number of points (compare with last same event, if with same time control and same number of rounds).
2. Final number of points vs number of rounds (percentage) vs number of participants (compare with last same event, if with same number of rounds and same time control).
3. Final ranking (after any tiebreak and shared) vs start seed (and shared) position.
4. Final rating performance (number) (parameters must be entered correctly).
5. Final (and not game-by-game) FIDE rating and/or National rating change (gain/loss number).
6. List of all tournament prizes and/or trophies/medals won.
7. Full-time presence of parent or guardian (yes/no).
8. Full-time presence of personal trainer or coach (yes/no).
9. Type of Chess clock used at the event (digital, analog).
10. Any recording of Chess moves (standard chess - compulsory, rapid chess - optional and/or optional post-game, blitz chess - optional post-game).
11. Average number of moves played.
12. Average amount of time spent.
13. Number of days/hours allocated for tournament pre-preparation.
14. Has the tournament target been achieved?
15. Lessons learned?

S.M.A.R.T. Chess Goal Setting Guidelines (for continental international team events)

S.M.A.R.T. goal setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted goals.
The theory of goal-setting (with its limitations) suggests that it's an effective tool for making progress by ensuring that participants in a group with a common goal are clearly aware of what is expected from them.
Chess players will prepare to perform better, both in individual and team events, when they are committed to achieve certain goals.
Captains in team chess events will be more efficient with their duties, when with in advance known goals.

ecommended targets (specific and measurable only):

Priority 1: team target: Top 6 among all continental participating nations (FIDE Chess Federations).
Priority 2: team target: Top 3 among all regional participating nations (FIDE Chess Federations).
Priority 3: individual players' targets: FIDE players' title norm result.
Priority 4: individual players' targets: FIDE players' title performance result.
Priority 5: individual players' targets: personal any FIDE rating overall gain (+), and "must wins" against any 200+ lower FIDE-rated players, and especially any FIDE-unrated players.

My personal chess player students from Singapore (FIDE-titled and/or FIDE-rated/standard chess only) at some point in time 2001 - 31 Dec 2003 & 2007-present:

  1. IM Goh, Koon Jong Jason
  2. IM Shanmugam, Ravindran
  3. IM Fernandez, Daniel Howard
  4. FM Chan, Yi Ren Daniel
  5. FM Timothy Chan Wei Xuan
  6. FM Chua, Zheng Yuan Terry
  7. FM Yeo, Min Yang Evan
  8. FM Lo, Kin Mun Dominic
  9. FM Muhd, Haikal
  10. CM Leong, Luke
  11. CM Lim, De Li Derek
  12. WFM Toh, Li Cheng
  13. WFM Liu, Yang Hazel
  14. WFM Tay, Li Jin Jeslin
  15. WFM Chan, Wei Yi Victoria
  16. WCM Sia, Xin Yun Suzanna
  17. Chua, Xue Kai Alfred 2013: 1 2 3 4 5 6
  18. Yick, Benjamin Oliver
  19. Tan, Weiliang
  20. Foo, Benjamin
  21. Chander, Daniel
  22. Khor, Yu Keat Andrew
  23. Chan, Peng Khoon Gerald
  24. Chin, Matthew Peter
  25. Chan, Weng Chee
  26. Liu, Yong Kang Samuel 2013: 1
  27. Heng, Jun Kai
  28. Lim, De Dao Linson
  29. Yeo, Ruizhi Carwyn 2013: 1 2 3 4 5 6
  30. Kok, Yujie 2013: 1
  31. Neo, Xiuwen Christabel
  32. Lin, Ailin
  33. Yap, Xiu Huan
  34. Sia, Xin Jie Selina
  35. Cheng, Jie Ling Zerlene
  36. Rujok, Najwa Jiahui

My chess trainer seminars' students 2007-2012:

  1. FST & GM Xu, Jun (China) peak FIDE rating (standard chess): 2668 (July 2000)
  2. FT & GM Yu, Ruiyuan (China)
  3. FT & GM Dao, Thien Hai (Vietnam)
  4. FT & GM Nguyen, Anh Dung (Vietnam)
  5. FT & GM Bui, Vinh (Vietnam)
  6. FT & IM & WGM Fierro Baquero, Martha (Ecuador)
  7. FT & IM Situru, Nathanael (Indonesia)
  8. FT & IM Mishra, Neeraj Kumar (India)
  9. FT & IM Mokal, Prathamesh (India)
  10. FT & IM Yap, Kim Steven (Philippines)
  11. FT & IM Chiong Zacarias Romero, Luis (Philippines)
  12. FT & IM Ranola, Yves (Philippines)
  13. FT & IM Chan, Peng Kong (Singapore)
  14. FT & IM Nguyen, Thanh Son (Vietnam)
  15. FT & FM Visweswaran, K. (India)
  16. FT & FM Shantharam, K.V. (India)
  17. FT Evans-Quek, Suan Shiau (Wales)
  18. FT & WIM & IA Liang, Zhihua (China)
  19. FT & WIM Gong, Qianyun (China)
  20. FT & CM & IA Venkatraman, Ravichandran (India)
  21. FT & FA Hariharan, Venkatachalam (India)
  22. FT Anilkumar, N.R. (India)
  23. FT Joshi, G.B. (India)
  24. FT Gokhale, Jayant Suresh (India)
  25. FT Gopalakrishnan, K. (India)
  26. FI & WIM Dhar-Barua, Saheli (India)
  27. FI & WIM Kunte, Mrunalini (India)
  28. FI & WIM Lumongdong, Lisa Karlina (Indonesia)
  29. FI & WIM Mariano, Cristine Rose (Philippines)
  30. FI & WIM Nguyen, Thi Tuong Van (Vietnam)
  31. FI & WFM Patil, Anuprita (India)
  32. FI & WFM Thandar, Aye Win (Myanmar)
  33. FI & IA Tiwari, R. S (India)
  34. FI & IA Muralimohan, K. (India)
  35. FI & IA Yap, Lincoln (Philippines)
  36. FI & IA Moseros, Jose (Philippines)
  37. FI & FA Chan, Peng Khoon Gerald (Singapore)
  38. FI & FA Li, Jackson (Hong Kong)
  39. FI & FA Ssegirinya, Joseph-Mary M. (Macau)
  40. FI & FA Sandeep, Chitkara (India)
  41. FI Akkanen, Timo (Finland)
  42. FI Patricks, Ryan (Indonesia)
  43. FI Ho, Hou-Meng, Herman (Macau)
  44. FI Mak, Tong Kuan (Macau)
  45. FI Silva Vilhena, Carlos Alberto (Macau)
  46. FI Loo, Swee Leong (Malaysia)
  47. FI Lucas, Charles (Malaysia)
  48. FI Praveen, Kumar R. (India)
  49. FI Praful, Zaveri (India)
  50. FI Deshmukh, Prasad P. (India)
  51. FI Dutta, Prasenjit (India)
  52. FI Lahiri, Santanu (India)
  53. FI Chitkara, Gagan (India)
  54. FI Saxena, Manav (India)
  55. FI Sharma, Jaydeep (India)
  56. FI Gambhire, Mangesh (India)
  57. FI Cabe, Arlan (Philippines)
  58. FI Suelo, Roberto Jr. (Philippines)
  59. FI Bersamina, Norlito (Philippines)
  60. FI Phan Trong, Binh (Vietnam)
  61. FI To Quoc, Khanh (Vietnam)
  62. FI Tong, Thai Hung (Vietnam)
  63. NI & IM Wu, Xibin (China)
  64. NI & FM & IA Chia, Chee Seng (Singapore)
  65. NI & IA Muniz Pardino, Alberto (Spain)
  66. NI & FM De Ramos, Julius Joseph (Philippines)
  67. NI & FA Sharma, Amit (India)
  68. NI Abu, Bakar Nurdin (Indonesia)
  69. NI Khoo, Teng Chun Joey (Singapore)
  70. NI Ganesan, K. (India)
  71. NI Malvankar, Avinash (India)
  72. NI Nitin, Warde (India)
  73. NI Chenna, Nataraj Kumar C.H. (India)
  74. NI Jain, Sonal (India)
  75. NI Rai, Deepak (India)
  76. NI Varma, Vikrant (India)
  77. NI Krishnarao, Somanath (India)
  78. NI Shah, Dhimant (India)
  79. DI & CM Celis Chang, Joel (Macau)
  80. DI & IA Nandakumar, N.K. (India)
  81. DI & IA Prabhakar, Sakthi (India)
  82. DI & FA Sarma, K.V.V. (India)
  83. DI & FA Kanna Reddy, K. (India)
  84. DI & FA Abelgas, Rodolfo Varron (Macau)
  85. DI & FA Punongbayan, Hexilon Dela Cruz (Macau)
  86. DI Liu, Jian Hua Michelle (China)
  87. DI Kavlekar, Sanjay R. (India)
  88. DI Aley, Nadeem (India)
  89. DI Gokula Anand, A. (India)
  90. DI Rashid (India)
  91. DI Lumibao, Juan Panfilo Lachica (Macau)
  92. DI U Thaung, Oung (Macau)
  93. DI Silveirinha, Francisco (Macau)
  94. DI Silveirinha, Gabriel (Macau)
  95. DI Lou, Hongyu (China)
  96. DI Yeoh Phee Leong, Marcus (Malaysia)
  97. DI Tan, Kok Liang (Malaysia)
  98. DI Narayanan, Krishnan (Malaysia)
  99. DI Muniraju, Narayanappa (India)
  100. DI Tan, Puh Chen (Singapore)
  101. DI Nguyen, Anh Tuan (Vietnam)
  102. DI Huynh, Hoa Minh Nhat (Vietnam)

My personal chess player students from Greece
(FIDE-titled and/or FIDE-rated/standard chess only) at some point in time 2004-2006:

  1. IM Pavlidis, Antonios (2011 & 2012, Greece National Senior Champion)
  2. FM Tsakiris, Haralambos (2012, FIDE World Amateur Champion)
  3. Ketzetzis, Georgios
  4. Dorfanis, Ilarion
  5. Kazantzidis, Ilias
  6. Manelidou, Maria
  7. Manelidis, Savvas
  8. Skoulakis, Charalambos
  9. Mouratidis, Grigoris
  10. Davidenko, Hristos
  11. Kafetzis, Georgios
  12. Staboulis, Evangelos
  13. Tsevremes, Ioannis
  14. Vatkali, Dimitra
  15. Panagakis, Panagiotis
  16. Valsamidis, Ioannis
  17. Valsamidou, Dimitra
  18. Emmanouilidis, Athanasios
  19. Kousidis, Vergis
  20. Goutioudi, Kiriaki
  21. Goutioudi, Irini
  22. Lima, Maria
  23. Kafetzi, Angeliki
  24. Kelidou, Maria
  25. Fakhiridou, Anna-Raisa

My personal chess player students from Malaysia
(FIDE-titled and/or FIDE-rated only) at some point in time 2001 - 31 Dec 2003:

  1. IM Lim, Yee-Weng

My personal chess player students from Vietnam
(FIDE-titled and/or FIDE-rated only) at some point in time 2007-2009:

  1. WIM Nguyen, Thi Mai Hung

My personal chess player students from Canada (FIDE-titled and/or FIDE-rated only) 2000:

  1. FM Divljan, Igor

My personal chess player students from Yugoslavia (FIDE-titled and/or FIDE-rated only) at some point in time 1986-2010:

GM Miladinovic Igor
GM Stojanovic Mihajlo
GM Predojevic Borki
GM Borko Lajthajm
IM & FT Scekic Milos
IM & WGM Bojkovic Natasa
WIM Sanja Petronic
WFM Djuric Vesna
WFM Todorovic Olivera
Radovanovic Dusan
Todorovic Violeta

(to be updated)

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ips for parents who want to coach their young athletes)

Decision Making in Chess Checklist (by Jovan Petronic):

I support and promote Character Building with Chess


• Be honest
• Don’t deceive, cheat, or steal
• Be reliable — do what you say you’ll do
• Have the courage to do the right thing
• Build a good reputation
• Be loyal — stand by your family, friends, and country


• Treat others with respect; follow the Golden Rule
• Be tolerant and accepting of differences
• Use good manners, not bad language
• Be considerate of the feelings of others
• Don’t threaten, hit or hurt anyone
• Deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements


• Do what you are supposed to do
• Plan ahead
• Persevere: keep on trying!
• Always do your best
• Use self-control
• Be self-disciplined
• Think before you act — consider the consequences
• Be accountable for your words, actions, and attitudes
• Set a good example for others


• Play by the rules
• Take turns and share
• Be open-minded; listen to others
• Don’t take advantage of others
• Don’t blame others carelessly
• Treat all people fairly


• Be kind
• Be compassionate and show you care
• Express gratitude
• Forgive others
• Help people in need


• Do your share to make your school and community better
• Cooperate
• Get involved in community affairs
• Stay informed; vote
• Be a good neighbor
• Obey laws and rules
• Respect authority
• Protect the environment
• Volunteer